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Valplast Partial

Valplast Flexible Partials:

Valplast flexible partials are a great option in many difficult cases. If your patients are asking about them, we deliver a great product. From small nesbit or flipper, to replacing many missing teeth - give your patient the satisfaction of great looks and confidence!

Valplast Repairs:

We do offer next day repair services, but advance notification is always appreciated!

Customer Feedback:

  • I have been in private practice since 1977 and have worked with numerous dental labs.  For prosthetics, I have never been more pleased with the workmanship than that performed by Bozena Ankudowicz of Dentures By Design Dental Lab.  Her ability to not only accurately fabricate appliances but to esthetically return such natural and beautiful ones, is unmatched.  I enjoy working with Bozena and would absolutely recommend her to other professionals.

    Dr. Michael Volpe, PA, DMD, Caldwell Dental Associates, Caldwell, NJ

Acrylic Temporary Dentures:

Acrylic temporary dentures are a quick and reasonable solution to replace missing teeth, providing immediate dentures with wire wrought clasps.

Economy Dentures:

Economy dentures are affordable, yet meet high expectations. Economy teeth are included in the price, as well as bite blocks, custom trays, set up and finish.

Full Dentures

Premium Dentures:

The denture base for our premium denures is processed in the Ivoclar SR Injection System to provide you with perfect vertical dimention. We highly recommend using Bioform, IPN, Blue Line Ivocap or other high quality teeth with this denture base material.

Full Dentures

Premium Cast Frameworks:

Premium Cast Frameworks are our best, and most durable frameworks. They can be designed to your specifications, or you may leave the design to us. Try them once, and they will become your favorite!

Economy Cast Partials:

Frameworks are included in the price. Their design provides optimal retention and cosmetics.

Full Dentures


While we appreciate advance notification, same day repairs are often possible!


Keep your patients comfortable and happy! Hard relines, as well as soft relines can be ready next day. We can also adjust the softness of the reline material.



The Itsoclear clasp stands out from all the rest by eliminating unsightly wires to provide unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

Using a unique patented process, FiBERFORCE® can quickly and easily be incorporated into all new dentures to make them significantly stronger. It is lightweight, adds no thickness to the denture, and is virtually invisible. FiBERFORCE® is specially treated and then pre-impregnated with resin to form a strong cohesive bond that will never separate from denture acrylic. It can be used routinely in all new cases, but is especially indicated as a complete replacement for any types of cast metal reinforcements.